Hard to focus?…arrgggg…Not this shit again -_-

I am having a few problems for the past few days , I cant even finish a line-art without feeling done and wanting to do something else.

I cant even get myself to finish the damn price chart for my upcoming commissions I think I should make a small break to recover my inspiration, because forcing it never helps  … I hope all of you are doing good 

I think its the waether or I just need not to think abut drawing for a few days I am sorry this shit happens ever now and then I am playing some Dragon Age yooo its good so far

Finishing those OC requests and news for upcoming commissions !!!

Ok I have a big announcement to make , first I must finish all the OCs request I got for the past few months, I need to keep all those promises ok 

Starting from next month I will be doing commissions like for real and the best things is you can commission an entire team of OCs I will keep the prices low so you guys don’t have to spend a fortune on a commission , the price for one character will go fro 5-10 $ and 10$ is a full body I will not charge you extra for coloring and you will get discounts for teams. I will also draw any paring or OTP 

The payment will be done over Paypal

The reason I am doing commissions NOW is that I am still unable to find a job and I need to pay my bills somehow so I can keep this blog going and make not only my commissioners happy but also the Anons and the usual people who request me to draw things.

I will post the chart with the prices sometimes during the week , there will be 5 available slots for commissions every month.

1/5 for next month, one slot has already been taken 

The thing abut commissioning me is that I will be working on a commission first before all other things and it will be done as soon as possible.

I am so exited abut this you guys 

Its is time I AM SO EXITED I MAY VOMIT this is huge for me i am gonna cry dkfjslkdfhsdflkjdhsafkjahgf