basically-neptune asked:

Ur arts is good, good job with arts

draw me RWBY Answer:

Thank you hun, that mean a lot to me !!! 

What is going on….

Hey everybody I am sorry I am not updating …I have been hit whit a stupid art block so everything I draw looks like shit to me 

..and on top of that I have been having some personal issues with my dad lately , he is giving me a hard time for things that are ridiculous, and not to mention that he started drinking again.

Today I almost wanted to pack my things and go stay at a friends house just because I was so fed up with him and his BS. I don’t know what to do with him if this get worse I hope its just a faze because I am stuck living with him and nobody else from my family wants anything to do with him but somebody has to deal with him eventually, my nerves can only take so much provocation.

I usual don’t like writing abut personal shit like this but I think you guys need to know what is going on and why I am not drawing lately…I owe you that much.

personal crap to be honest if it wasnt for my friends I would be crying my eyes out now