Anonymous asked:

Do you do art trades?

draw me RWBY Answer:

Absolutely Anon

Anonymous asked:

Mind if I ask whose OC's you have left to draw? (Sorry. I love learning about people's characters.)

draw me RWBY Answer:

Ok If you really want to know Anon, these are all the ones I could find in my inbox if I left somebody out I apologies .

Also there is a unwritten rule:  I don’t draw a OC for the same person twice that is kinda unfair since some people hardly get one artwork from me *hides under a rock*

…so yeah I had suggestions by a few people to draw their entire teams ,I am not really up for that since it takes a lot of time and I would do it if it was a paid commission but since I am doing this for fun and so one OC reuest it will be ..unless the person who requited me the OC is a close friend, then its fine.

OCs by name

Keevil for thebluehairedwitch

Orianna ( and Gynda) for professor-goodwitch

Danny for loyalunseensilence

That very cute blond ( I kinda lost his name sorry ) for @mymomalwayssays

Valatain or Violet for johnnyboy1200

Peko and Gavin for crescent-ruby-rose  

 OC ( haven’t asked asked for the name yet ) for disappointedcheesecake

 Aciel Pithos for @axisora

That is all I could find in my inbox Anon

Anonymous asked:

What is left on your drawing list? if you don't mind me asking.

draw me RWBY Answer:

No a prob Anon ,lets see here are some things from my old list and some of the new things I got requested to draw:

  • 4 maybe 5 OC requests that I apologies I haven’t done yet because I mostly draw them when I really feel like it , also Orianna and Glynda   *crys*
  • then there are some SFW parings like Jaune/Pyrahh, Pyrahh/Cardin, Ruby/Roman and I might missed one or two 
  • Lots of non-Anon and Anon requests ; I am drawing them one by one when I find the time to and I pick them by random 
  • a LOT of NSFW Anon requests on my other blog blame Sun

There is no particular order of what I draw sometimes I start drawing something new just because I simply feel like it. I had a few art blocks because I was forcing myself to finish things that I had on my drawing list but it all backfired and I was left not motivated to draw anything for weeks on end

I AM ON THE LIST this make me so happy *happy cry*