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I don't mean to alarm you but I think senpai may have noticed your latest art.

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which senpai i have like 10




you had my curiosity Xuunies… but now you have my attention!! i REALLY WANT TO KNOW

its on his tumblr

everyone hold yours buttts


Oh My God monty knows he knows all BRB HAPPY CRY

To all of you who commissioned me and who requested me to draw OCs, and also art trades

…a small but meaningful update!

Abut the commissions, I apologies If I hadn’t done anything by now , the bank is still giving me problems abut the paypal and It looks like I will have to make another bank account for commissions after all , I am sorry that all of you are waiting so long for this , I will still get your art done never the less the outcome of this 

Art-trades Ok some of them I started working on but left them unfinished ( finished the line art but haven’t colored it yet ) or I have forgotten them , that happens when you have folders within folders within folder like I do so feel free to remind me of a art trade that I should be drawing Ok

OC requests  Oh boy , listen guys I will draw all of the given requests and post them all together Ok ? posting them separately  I will never get them all done …this way its easier for me at least….

UPDATE there is LOT of things I need to get done my head hurts just by thinking abute it BUT I WILL DO IT ALL FOR YOU GUYSSSSS

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Your art is so beautiful :) No matter the pairing (even if you think it's a bit crazy) I always find a way to appreciate it because of your art and the way you portray it. Keep up the good work and don't stop drawing. Wish I could draw as well as you....

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Oh my god Anon I ..I …I don’t know what to say I am having a emotional moment right now ( I currently at work and I hope nobody walks into the office because I am a happy emotional mess cuz of this )

Thank you Anon this means a lot to me especially when I started this blog simply for practice and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made, it made me feel so very confident in my art like never before, and don’t worry I will never stop drawing.

Practice make perfect ,and keep telling yourself that you can Anon , just never stop drawing and you will improve with time, draw something at least once a day keep it up even when you don’t always feel like it once it becomes a habit it will become easier and you will find yourself drawing faster then before , experiment with your art style always find ways to improve it until you are happy with it, always have some good music to inspire you when you work , draw for yourself first, draw for fun and then when you ready draw for others as well :D

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Your RWBY characters in casual clothes are some if my favorite things. I'm so happy you are doing JNPR now. :D

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Ohh Anon thanks , actually doing the casual clothes thing takes some time since I have to draw all 4 members of that team

But I am super happy people like them so much, that gets me motivated 

..after JNPR I might do Cinder and her team 

abute this pixiv artist named BN_lorrie

You see this fan-art of Sun 

OK listen up @13draven37 the artist who you are looking for and who drew this is BN_lorrie  from pixiv this artist has done a few really cool rwby fan-arts but some of them are not credited here on tumble so RWBY fandom keep this link in mind and for the love of dust credit the artist there is your source 

Remind people to think of the artists will ya fandom 

rwby rwby fanart rwby fandom RWBY Vol 2 i will delete this later